Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by our customers.
What is City Express Money Transfer?

City Express Money Transfer offers you a quick, reliable and secure way to send money to anyone in Nepal. Money remitted from anywhere in the world and within Nepal can be instantly cashed through more than 7500 counters anywhere in Nepal.

Why choose City Express Money Transfer?

It provides the easiest way to receive the money within a few minute and agents are located in every part of Nepal. This service offers the best exchange rate and lowest charges.

How long does it take to reach my money?

The entire transaction is completed online and within a few minutes .Your money reaches to the destination within seconds and your beneficiary can collect the money from our nearest counter at the same time.

Is my money safe?

It uses the state of art technology and its operation is done through secure banking channels. Your money is delivered to the beneficiary with the proper identification only .Hence the money is delivered to your beneficiary safely.

Do my beneficiaries get informed?

City Express Money Transfer staff calls the beneficiary to collect their money or sends an SMS. The sender can also give the information to their beneficiary by themselves For any other information, customers may contact City Express- Customer Support Cell in our Toll Free Number 16600-11 12 13.

Will my beneficiary be charged?

Since the remitter is charged while sending the money, the beneficiary will not be charged while receiving the money. They can collect the money at the nearest outlets according to their convenience, free of cost and within a minute.

What are the payment modes offered by City Express Money Transfer?

Money remitted from anywhere can be instantly received across the city express counters available in Nepal. We make sure that the remittance gets to where it's needed without any complication.

The remitter can also choose to deposit the amount directly on the beneficiary's bank account. We can instantly deposit money transferred from anywhere in the world to the remitter's bank account here in Nepal within 24 hours. For this we have corresponding relation with all major banks and financial institution in Nepal.

How will I know about my transaction status?

You can track the status of the transaction on our website and we also send the SMS confirmation of the receipt of money to sender.

Do you share my personal information with other organization?

We believe in customer privacy. So, we don’t share any information with other organization.

Is there a limit on the amount that I can transfer to my recipient?

Yes, there is a certain limit according to the rules and regulation of respective sending country and Nepal RastraBank (Central Bank of Nepal) we adhere same rules and regulations.

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